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Studio Policies

  • Early Arrival: Please arrive 10 minutes before class so we can walk you through the reformer and help you set up for success.

  • Grip Socks: Grip socks are required for safety and hygiene purposes. If you forget to bring your socks, don't worry! We have grip socks available for purchase in the studio.

  • Check In: Check in is required prior to joining class. We encourage all members to use our app for mobile check in, which is powered by geo-location which will allow you to check in within 100 ft. of the studio. If you do not use mobile check in, you will need to check in at the front desk iPad prior to class.

  • Cancellation Policy: Avoid loss of credit by cancelling at least 12 hours before your scheduled class time either through our app or the website. The cancellation policy also applies to any Infrared Sauna sessions.

  • Late Policy: We have a 5 minute late policy to avoid interruptions to the class (Pilates or sauna). Anything past 5 minutes results in no admission into the studio and loss of credit. The late policy also applies to any Infrared Sauna sessions.

  • Phone Policy: Please do not take phone calls or photos during class to avoid distractions in class. If its an emergency, please step outside to take your call. Please limit photos/videos to before or after class and ensure others are not in your photos/videos without consent.

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